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The Morris Canal
New Jersey's Mountain-Climbing Waterway
1824 - 1924

The Bronze Plaque Reads: In 1822 George P. McCulloh (aka Macculloch), a Morristown businessman, conceived the idea for the Morris Canal. The canal would cross the State of New Jersey from the Hudson River at Jersey City to the Delaware River at Phillipsburg. To achieve the severe elevation changes, a series of 23 "water powered" inclined planes were used. Rising a total of 914 feet through a series of locks and inclined planes, the canal would span a distance of 102 Miles. In 1843, section boats were added to increase tonnage capacity. Stories were told of its use as part of the underground railroad during the Civil War era. The sculpture portrays a slave family escaping across the State of New Jersey.
Link: Macculloch Hall Historical Museum

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