Welcome from all of us.

A few of our 1,200 members.

Join an organization that does a valuable service for historical education and preservation and has a good time doing it.

We have a wide range of activities that include those aimed at accomplishing our mission and those combining fun and education.

Some of our activities:

  • Maintain a canal museum where we act as guides on weekends.
  • Do research and publish.
  • Give lectures and tours for other groups.
  • Protect canal remains by working with government
    agencies, developers, and engineering firms.
  • Build trails along canal towpaths.
  • Run field trips that range from one day local canal walks to
    three week tours boating on the canals of Europe.
  • Provide five program meetings per year.
  • Run social events.

  • We have over 1,200 interesting members; men, women, and children of all ages having fun at all our activities. Join our hard working, fun group.

    See our newsletter, On the Level , for information our activities.

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